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Adrian Shaw, is described by others as an outgoing, friendly, warm, passionate and confident man. He loves working with people. He gains great personal satisfaction from helping individuals overcome personal challenge, sometimes transforming their lives.
In leisure time, Adrian loves to hike and keep fit. When indoors, he practises guitar, and singing with local bands and open mics. Otherwise, Adrian continues his study of his personal hero, in Milton H Erickson (1901-1980); a highly respected psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and phenomenal healer.
The foundation for Adrian’s work in the field of therapy was initially springboarded by the study of Life Science & Health Studies to BSc degree level in York, England (1995-1998).

Whilst living for 14 years on the Riviera Adrian mostly enjoyed sharing with friends and clients, his on-going growing understanding of body-mind inter-relationships. This work took shape in the study and practice of Remedial Massage, Reiki & Shiatsu.

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