“The only true measure of success is the amount of joy we are feeling”

Abraham Hicks

Adrian Shaw


Adrian Shaw, is described by others as an outgoing, friendly, warm, passionate and confident man. He loves working with people. He gains great personal satisfaction from helping individuals overcome personal challenge, sometimes transforming their lives.
In leisure time, Adrian loves to hike and keep fit. When indoors, he practises guitar, and singing with local bands and open mics. Otherwise, Adrian continues his study of his personal hero, in Milton H Erickson (1901-1980); a highly respected psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and phenomenal healer.
The foundation for Adrian’s work in the field of therapy was initially springboarded by the study of Life Science & Health Studies to BSc degree level in York, England (1995-1998).

Whilst living for 14 years on the Riviera Adrian mostly enjoyed sharing with friends and clients, his on-going growing understanding of body-mind inter-relationships. This work took shape in the study and practice of Remedial Massage, Reiki & Shiatsu.

Adrian’s eventual diversification into Personal Training allowed for more verbal and physically active scenarios with clients, with which to promote holistic health. The study of motivational techniques & sabotage avoidance skills within Personal Training bears the birth of Adrian’s interest in psychotherapy, suggestive therapies and neurolinguistics.

During Adrian’s study of the Post Graduate Qualification in Clinical Hypnotherapy, with the London College of Clinical Hypnotherapy, in 2013, he learned that hypnosis, has 3 major benefits to our psyche:

  1. It can increase the ability to focus and concentrate.  (required for behaviour change)
  1. It can dramatically increase profound relaxation.  (required to equalise bodymind function)
  1. It can increase the power of suggestion.  (required for perception modification)

There are other variables a to the efficacy of hypnotherapy, which are covered in ‘theory of hypnosis’.


Adrian’s ‘claim to fame’ would have to be when he initiated a multi pronged holistic approach to therapy, with a client who’d suffered episodic depression with self reported suicidal thoughts. Adrian managed to facilitate her rise and return back to living a full and happy life with her husband and children.

This particular client adds that it was,

“Adrian’s undivided patient determination and confidence in me that shone through to light up my darkness”.

Adrian enjoys using multi-layered and fun orientated mind-body interventions to rehabilitate and maintain good health in his clients. However, he believes that there must be an initial ‘desire for change’ in the client, with which to work with and influence. For more information on Adrian’s philosophy please see philosophy.

Dr Mikao Usui, the Japanese Buddhist, who in 1922, developed the spiritual practice of Reiki once said, ‘all healing is self healing’. Adrian emphasises the use of fun and efficacious Ericksonian techniques; to empower clients with a sense of ownership, determination and confidence to create necessary and/or desired sustainable lifestyle change, towards a more profound sense of self realisation.


In the famous words of Mahatma Ghandi,

“You must become the changes you want to see happening”


Adrian predicts that the tools of subliminal suggestive therapy will become more and more common, in the field of personal development.

26th JUNE 2007

Adrian Shaw BSc
40 rue Bonaparte
06300 Nice, France
+33 (0)660 215496


Involved with Sports & Medicine since 1984. A Health Science Honours Graduate (2:1), professionally qualified as a freelance Personal Trainer, Remedial/Sports Massage Therapist and Shiatsu Practitioner, operating Independently, on the Cote d’Azur from Monaco to Cannes: within Health & Fitness Centres, on Yacht Charter, in Luxury 4 star Hotels and at the clients residence, on request.

Immediate Goal: To encourage individuals towards a more rewarding, fuller life, incorporating physical therapy, nutritional guidance, motivation & relaxation techniques – specializing in weight and stress management.

Long term Goal: To advance more profoundly into Life & Health Coaching and practicing Hypnotherapy & NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) skills.

Nationality: British/English
Date of Birth: 30/03/1966
Driving License: Yes


09/00 to present:

Service to private clients at Home, Hotel & Yacht,  along the Riviera.

Marriott Hotel, La Porte de Monaco, 06320 Monaco.
Columbus Hotel, 23 Avenue Des Papalins, 98000 Monaco.
Numerous Private Villas on the Cote d’ Azur, France.
Over 100 Private Yachts on the Mediterranean Sea.

Independent Personal Trainer/Coach, Shiatsu & Remedial/Sports Masseur to High Profile Clientele. Utilizing experience and training given in: Life Coaching, Performance Profiling / Goal Setting and resultant Progressive Physical Activity and Optimum Nutrition Program. Yogic and Chinese Complementary Medicine techniques.

06/07 10/12:
Grand Hôtel du Cap Ferrat, 71 boulevard Général de Gaulle, 06230 Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, France.
Independent Personal Trainer, Masseur & Soccer Coach to the family of the Hotel Proprietors (Mr & Mrs Blavatnik) & to distinguished clients of this famous 4 star luxury hotel.

07/06 to 10/12:
Villa Verve, Chemin de la Jaine, Hameau de Guillet, Mougins 06250
Freelance Personal Training, Shiatsu & Remedial/Sports Massage for private clients on a daily basis.

06/05 to 08/05:
Hotel George IV, Paris – Mr P Sperling
7 weeks of daily Remedial and Sports Massage to Mr Sperling following injury after a serious accident.

06/99 to 09/00:
Highlands Soccer Club, Birmingham, AL, USA
Fitness Trainer & Soccer coach for individuals and teams at High School

06/98 to 06/99:
Central Sports Management & Training, Wigan, England
Employed as a tutor of the higher National Diploma course in Sports and Exercise Science, teaching Youth Trainee Professional Footballers

01/96 to 06/99:
City of York Council, 68 Centre, Barfield Rd, York, England
Life Guard, Trainer and Sports Coach whilst at University

09/95 to 09/96:
University College Ripon & York St John Diploma in Remedial Massage course as part of degree

06/95 to 09/95:
Major League Soccer Camps, 5 Connecticut Ave, 06360, USA

06/96 to 09/96:
Fitness Trainer & Soccer coach, for ages 5 to 18 whilst at University

09/92 to 09/94:
Darlington Health Authority, Memorial Hospital, Darlington
Registered General Nurse & Massage Therapy Training, assisting in rehabilitating individuals to an achievable state of health

09/88 to 09/92:
Darlington County Council Life Guard, Gym Trainer and coach in Football and Swimming

07/84 to 09/88:
Royal Army Medical Corps, 1 Field Ambulance, W. Germany
Service, training as a First Aid Combat Medical Technician, assuming responsibility for the health of 50 troops whilst on exercise maneuvers


01/13 to 01/14

Post Graduate (level 7) Certificate in Clinical Hypnotherapy

London College of Clinical Hypnosis:
45 Hyde Park Square, London, W2 2JT
Tel: +44 20 7486 3939

11/09 to 01/10:
CPPD in Clinical Hypnosis (Certificate Course) (1831)
London College of Clinical Hypnosis:
45 Hyde Park Square, London, W2 2JT
Tel: +44 20 7486 3939

02/09 to 02/09:
Lymphatic Drainage Technique: Vodder Technique: St Lauren du Var, France.

01/07 to 03/07:
Premier Training International, 111a Fonthill Road, Finsbury Park, London, England
Diploma in Personal Training and Nutrition.

07/02 to 07/05:
Shiatsu College, 25 Parchment Rd, Chichester, Sussex, England
Diploma in Shiatsu, Acupressure and Traditional Chinese Medicine

09/99 to 09/00:
Northern of Massage, Bury, Lancashire, England (founded 1924)
National Diploma in Remedial Massage (Grade A)

09/95 to 06/98:
University College Ripon & York St John
BSc Honours Degree, Physical Education and Health Studies (Grade 2:1)

09/94 to 06/95:
Darlington College of Technology, Darlington, England
Access to Higher Education: Psychology & Sociology ( = A level)

09/88 to 07/90:
Middlesbrough Sports College, Linthorpe Rd, Middlesbrough
Gym Trainers & Sports Coaching Courses in various sports.

09/82 to 06/84:
Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form College, Darlington, England
GCSE O level in 7 subjects

09/77 to 06/84:
Haughton Comprehensive School, Darlington, England