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My initial attraction to massage was an intuitive feeling that it could lead to healing of some kind. I wanted to know how this could be so.

What should I do? Firstly, I had to go to University to learn the subject thoroughly. So, at the age of 28, I enrolled on a BSc Degree Course in Health Studies and Life Sciences course in York, England. Attaining a 2:1 grade, I happily began my search for the next phase in my training.

The Universe then gave me ‘The Northern School of Massage’ based in Bury near Manchester. This was to be my concrete foundation on which to build a home of secure and clearly defined professionalism within this sometimes misconstrued line of work. I thoroughly recommend this Diploma course in Remedial Massage.

I then qualified as a certified Zen Shiatsu Practitioner in July 2005, at the London College of Shiatsu. This is a 3 year course which has given extended perspective to my work with Ki (energy). My Shiatsu training ran concurrently with Reiki, which again broadens my understanding of the wonderful notions of; free thinking and unconditional compassion.

Thèse two disciplines had given me the proverbial double wammy, which was on occasion, painfully informative, as others who share the disciplines of Reiki and Shiatsu would agree, I’m sure. It was always a dream of mine to become a healer of some kind. For the typical western mind, the word “healer” has lots of mysticism attached to it. One learns in time that we all have the ability to heal ourselves and to merely assist others in their quest; we just have to ‘want’ to do it enough!

What with, Shiatsu, Massage & Reiki, surely that would be enough to practice in life. An Astrologer would tell you that Arian’s (the first sign of the zodiac) love to start projects. I wanted to learn more. Part of this notion was attached to the realization that, although I was offering health related advice, I noticed that some took notice & some didn’t (you can take a horse to water but………). Moving into Personal Training would allow me to physically direct people towards doing physical activity. Yes! I thought….yet another way to help. Not only helping others but I do love to learn & I love exercising and how it makes me feel grrreat!!

This has really allowed me to enjoy more variety in my work. My Personal Training course truly was excellent. It introduced me to NLP & this has been a wonderful tool to motivating those with issues such as low enthusiasm & lowered self image. Personal Training introduced me to the power of the unconscious and subsequently to the very excellent work of Milton Erikson.

Erikson would argue that one must learn to miror the client in order to enter into their reality so as to experience and express reality in the same way that they do. He argues that this is the most efficient way to lead and affect the client.

And inevitably, i was transported into Eriksons world of ‘client centred therapy’. This path brought me to the ‘power of suggestion’ and its sister domain of hypnotherapy between 2012 to 2014.

I then, in 2014, qualified in: Post Graduate Qualification in Clinical Hypnotherapy at the London College of Clinical Hypnosis in Hyde Park.

Then, after a year or so, of rest, recuperation, reflexion formulation of ideas whilst learning guitar, singing and reawaking my interest in the dramatic arts 🙂 I arrive today in early 2016 moving deeper into hypnotherapy and its pre-occupation with ‘creating your own reality’ – exciting times!!

I am currently formulating a program geared to helping individuals create and maintain desired change in their lives – so watch this space!!

Today, I realize that healers are merely facilitators of good intention, of whom simply open communication channels to let go of the ‘unwanted’ and replace it with all that is: compassion, enthusiasm, self empowered beliefs and positive reframes of: past memories, present images and future expectations – whilst remaining firmly rooted into the ‘here and now’ of self awareness.

I now realize that we create our own future by what we believe & expect. If you believe in your Guru, Healer, Masseur, significant other, or much more importantly, if YOU believe in YOU, and you are looking to learn, then you are going in the right direction -always 🙂 Not only that, but you are JUST FINE right where you are, learning on route 🙂 whilst going in your perfect direction towards your worthy goal(s).

We never lose; we win or we learn!

May your path fill you with wonder and joy.
Dr Usui’s 5 Principles of Reiki
1. Don’t get angry today
2. Don’t worry today
3. Be grateful today
4. Work hard today (meditative practice)
5. Be kind to others today